Need professional help with car recycling?

At MF Recycling, we have the latest equipment and skills required to provide you a top quality car scrapping service in and around Belfast. All documentation is taken care of when we deal with your car.

What we recycle?

  • Cars

  • Vans

  • Commercial vehicles

  • Farm machinery

  • Burnt out wrecks

Get an honest price

When you choose MF Recycling to recycle your car, you can be assured of getting a price that you deserve. Whatever the reason for wanting to get rid of your car, we'll take care of it!

No hassle

Whether you are dropping off or we are collecting from you, you can be sure that the process will be hassle free.

From scrap metals to scrapping cars, at MF Recycling, we have over 10 years of experience for all your recycling needs in and around Belfast